Panda Eyes Are Not Only Caused by Sleep Deprivation

Panda eyes or dark circles under the eyes are often identified with lack of sleep. However, lack of sleep is not the only cause of panda eyes. People who are dehydrated, aging, or suffering from certain diseases can also have panda eyes. Panda eyes can be experienced by men, women, and at any age including children. Characteristics, the eye bags are darker than facial skin color. Its presence gives the impression of being older than actual age. Various Causes of Panda Eyes The eyes of a panda that may be felt disturbing in terms of appearance by most womenfolk, is generally caused by: Lack of sleep When sleep deprived, blood does not flow properly. As a result, blood collected under the eyes can be seen, because the skin in this area is very thin. In addition to panda eyes, lack of sleep also makes the eyes look swollen. Because lack of sleep can cause the body to become tired, then the appearance of the face can become dull and panda eyes appear. Age factor As we get
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